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State of Emergency

Courtesy translation by Gelu Sherpa

Forces of the followers of the Maoist: go to the mouth of death!

Do remember about your leaders:
- The children and the family of the commanders in whom you have believed are spending their safe and luxurious lifes in foreign countries
- Your commanders have already deposited a great deal of money in foreign banks and have thus made their future safe
- The amount given to import weapons and war instruments is deposited in the bank by pretending that they were cheated by the agents
- Your local leaders have also constructed big buildings in Kathmandu as well as in different parts of the kingdom and have moved their families from the villages to the cities
- Your commanders have forced the female followers towards luxury, made them pregnant and have also forced them to commit suicide
- By showing the greed of comfortable lives they have forced you to die
- They are killing their wounded followers without treatment and are burying them under the ground by announcing them as martyrs
- They have taken your right of religious freedom

But what you are given:
Only death, ruin of your family and a dark future to your children. So, if you want to be safed from an air and land attack of the powerful army, there is only one way. Surrender with your weapons in front of the local administration and name the wrong and evil deeds of your commander.

The way of surrender:
- Keep your weapon on the left shoulder pointing the barrel towards the ground
- Take out the magazine from the weapon
- Raise both hands while you approach the protective army
- Put this pamphlet in the right hand of the frontman
- Come by making a group of less than 5 at a time
- The protectors are ready to welcome you with a guarantee of your life