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Pictures of Nightlife

Buenos Aires has many good nightclubs and discos, but also theater and concerts are worthwhile visiting. As the city is reknowned for Tango, this is the lifestyle many people life. But other than tango everybody enjoys Salsa, Samba, Merengue and Brasilero.

Modern Tango concert in the "Casa del Vino"

Natalie and I hang out once in a while

Los 4 Rumbos are playing Folklore in Pizzeria "Dona Nilda"

Club "Jobs" has many pool-tables and a nice dance floor

Hayley and me posing at a tango event

Man in an old tango bar somewhere in San Telmo

Nati, Mariella, Lupi and I in some Dancebar

Bowling at Tazz with Nati and Max from England

Nati, Daniel Kees from Cologne, Hayley from Australia and me

Me, Daniel, Paula and Nati at Daniel's house, a huge dormitory with only male students

Our friends of the "4 Rumbos" after one of their concerts they gave.

Daniel and I at the good bye party of Walter - he went to Costa Rica.

"Chopin meets Jazz" in the Teatro Nacional Cervantes. Pianist Leszek Mozdzer together with Jorge Navarro.

Martin, Daniel and I with our Argentine equipe.

Martin Heibel grooves until the end.