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Galleries of the sights I have visited. As usual, they fill up the more time I spend in a place. I do not know, if I am going to travel around the country side a lot but I will definitely fill you in on Buenos Aires, the University, the people I have met and the things I have done.

With the devaluation of the Peso in the beginning of 2002 Buenos Aires has become very affordable. Though inflation is high, my own purchase power has doubled or trippled. Especially clothes, haircuts, bars and pubs are pretty cheap speaking in Euro terms. A taxi all around the city costs me about 8 Pesos which are now about 2.5 Euro. Since demand is low in the retail sector for example for clothes many shops can not raise prises but offer sales and slash prices just to get at least some business going.

The most obvious of the recent crisis are the bank buildings. Many banks have broken windows and are therefore protected with wooden boards. One can see how furious public must have been a couple of months ago. Secondly one can see many beggars and homeless wandering around in the streets, digging in the garbage cans. Most of them wear good clothes and absolutely do not appear to be poor, which I interpret as that they must have been pushed in this situation just recently.