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Pictures of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is considered to be a city more European than any other in South America. With its 12 million inhabitants it almost hosts one third of the total of Argentina's population. It is located on the Río de la Plata and is divided into "barrios", districts. I live on the border between Recoleta and Retiro, on Santa Fe Road in the city center.


The Skyline of Buenos Aires

The pedestrian area Florida

My flat from the outside

Intersection Santa Fe y Libertad, that is what I tell the taxi to get home

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires - The father of my landlady constructed it as architect!

During the crisis many people went mad and destroyed bank buildings

The docks of BA. Here you can find nice restaurants and pubs.

A fountain - don't ask me for the name

Church at Recoleta market

Aqui roban - no entrar: Here they rob you, so don't enter is written on the wall of a Citibank sucursal in the city center.

Shit, I just have to document these banks!

Church at Plaza de Mayo

View on the river banks of Rio de la Plata where Buenos Aires is located

Tango performance in San Telmo

Colorful houses in "La Boca" have made that district famous

Skyscrapers in the financial center of Buenos Aires

A dog's interpretation of the Obelisk of Buenos Aires

View on Recoleta Cemetery

The Obelisk at night

Buenos Aires at night